We would greatly appreciate it, if before filling out our contact form, you’d spend 2 minutes reading through our most frequently asked questions. Thank you!

Are you a publisher?

Yes. We are an independent publishing house with a strong focus on photography and reinterpretation of a classic photobook.

What‘s an artist book?

The term ‚artists‘ books‘ refers to publications that have been conceived as artworks in their own right.

Do you only publish photography?

Yes and No. There are few exceptions in our catalogue, but we do work mostly with photography.

Do you accept submissions?

We always welcome artists to show us their work, howe- ver due to the time consuming nature of our work we are currently publishing only few titles a year. This means we have to be selective in our choices and most commonly we reach out to artists we would like to work with. If you decide to submit your work please make sure you‘ve had a look through our catalogue to get an idea if we would be a good match for you! The best way is to send us a sample of your work, preferably NOT in a finished layout. Please do not send us hard copies / dummies, we won‘t be able to return them to you.

Can I commision you to produce my publication without publishing it?

Yes. You can use this form to get an idea of the pricing. Please take into consideration that preparing a quote can be a complicated process, especially with more complex projects—we will most likely need few days to get back to you.

I have already printed my book, would you publish it?


Would you publish a second edition/reprint of it?

Most likely no.

Do you distribute through bookstores?

Yes, but only very few carefully selected ones. You can go here to check the list of bookstores we currently work with. Due to the fact that we produce all of our books en- tirely or almost entirely by hand, our publications usually come in lower editions (between 10 and 400), which ma- kes distribution through bookstores a challenge. We sell our titles mostly through our webshop. Alternatively you can keep an eye on our instagram for the upcoming Fairs to meet us and our books in person!

What‘s Riso?

In short Risograph is an eco–friendly stencil printer— a photocopy machine that works like automated screen printing. It has been developed in Japan in the 80‘s and beside sustainability it is mostly known for being a highly time and cost efficient printer.
You can find a little guide to the way we work with Risograph here.

Do you only print Riso?

No. We love using Riso, because apart from its sustain- ability, it is a very hands on printing process, which gives us a room for experiment. We use it in a thought through way though—if your project doesn‘t translate well on a Risograph we will find a different solution to make sure your work is presented in the best way possible. We work with a tight network of local printers and book- binders to fill the gaps we are missing in our own little production chain. We do pride ourselves in printing in Berlin—not only is it more sustainable, but also supports our local community.

How long does it take to make a book?

It does depend on many factors. In general it is an extremely slow process. We take care of every step of the production with extreme care and attention to details. As artists ourselves we are passionate about our practice and we treat every book we produce like it was our own, so not only it is a slow, but also quite emotional process. For the most of the publications we have produced so far it took no less than a month, usually between 2 and 4 months depending on a complexity of the project (this timeframe does not include designing stage of the publication). Please take this into consideration with your deadlines, nothing good ever comes from a rush in this business.

Can I come on press?

Yes, we usually discuss artist‘s involvement prior to the beginning of our work together.

Can I visit your studio?

You are welcome to reach out to us if you‘d like to visit, but since we usually work under time pressure we are not able to accommodate all requests for studio visits. You can check out our Instagram or Journal to get updates and insights into our work.

Do you produce other print media like posters, flyers or business cards?

We specialize in making books and printing photography, so we prioritize these two things as our main focus. We can always recommend you other studios, who could be more fitting for your project.

I have a different question.

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Production costs for a book depend on many different factors, because of that we treat every project individually, therefore we do not have a fixed price list. To be able to make a quote we need some material specifications from you. The more fields you‘re able to fill in this form, the more accurate our estimate will be.

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For Design Inquiries or any further questions please use this form or write us an e-mail to: hello@outerspacepress.com

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